eCHO Systems

Echo project
In the eCHO Systems, Mikael R. Andersen is main supervisor for Sara Pereira, Ankita Singh, and Thomas Amann, and co-supervisor of Cyrielle Calmels and Nuša Pristovsek.

About the Lab
Our main area of expertise is eukaryotic cell factories used for the production of proteins (enzymes and pharmaceutical proteins) and bioactives. In particular, we focus on fungi of the Aspergillus genus and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells.
Our primary technologies are: Genome-scale modeling of cells, comparative genomics, gene expression analysis, bioreactor cultivation, glyco-proteomics, integrative data analysis, and cell engineering.
We seek to provide fundamental insights, enabling technologies, and engineered biological systems in the application-based areas of biotechnology.

Assoc. Prof. Mikael Rørdam Andersen

Research interest

In the future, bio-products - from simple molecules to biological machines we can hardly imagine today - will be ubiquitous and something we take for granted. It is this future that our research group is dedicated to bringing about: The complete design and synthesis of tailor-made biological systems for production of designed products.
Acknowledging that we are in the early stages of de novo design of cells, we focus our current efforts on network-based genetic engineering (network engineering): Quantitative analysis of cells using genome-scale technologies, and explore the data for a deeper understanding of cells, and driving cell Engineering.