eCHO Systems

We are also interested in how upstream bioprocessing influences downstream bioprocessing, host cell protein content and product stability/formulation strategies. Outside of biopharmaceutical production we are interested in mRNA translational reprogramming in disease, initiation and elongation control, cold-shock responses in mammalian cells, the development of diagnostics and mammalian cells for vaccine and cell therapy manufacturing.

About the Lab
The lab has an extensive array of technologies and knowhow that underpin the investigation of the research interests outlined above. We regularly host visitors from other laboratories to aid collaboration and obtain new expertise.

Echo project
 We have 3 ESRs working on WP3 where the ESRs are applying of synthetic biology approaches to reprogramme CHO cellular networks for enhanced growth, yield, and product quality.   

Research interest

Our research interests cover all of upstream bioprocessing and host cell protein flux during bioprocessing including reverse cell engineering approaches, systems/synthetic biology, and the identification of target genes/proteins for manipulation (or markers for screening purposes) in order to enhance therapeutic protein production from in vitro cultured mammalian cells. A major focus of our work is reducing heterogeneity of recombinant protein products from mammalian cells.

Professor Mark Smales