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March, 2017

How to learn by teaching

It was very interesting and new experience for me to teach in the course introducing R- programming language to master's student at DTU, Denmark. It has allowed me to learn a lot and have fun during that time span, which I would like to share with you.

Learn from Professor
When you are a teaching assistant then you develop a new relation with your professor. All of sudden you become a colleague, teammate or new instructor who is directly engaged in the success of the course. That allows you stand in a commanding position where you can discuss and change the pattern of the course, you can add something new that you felt was missing or something extra when you were learning.

Also, at this position, it is always good to observe closely the pattern of teaching, the tools and techniques that have been applied in planning the course. The style and mode to convey the information, applied in the process. Which allows to attain the understanding of the whole teaching process and to learn many good things that can be observed and picked to improve one's own style. 

Learn from students
Being a PhD student, you become more relatable to the other students as compared to the professors. And that's why they try to approach you. Here you gain extra benefit of showing your knowledge in your way of teaching that sometimes may differ from the professor's way of teaching. In return, you can also observe great amount of diversity over the way of asking question that aid in enhancing your knowledge in terms of experience.

Meet the expectation of student  
Being a PhD student, you are not expected to know everything hence some times you can say that you need to look for the answer that has been asked to you. And of course it would be much easier for you to look for the solution rather than the student. But simultaneously, you have to be extra conscious and prepared to be able to answer all kinds of questions that could be asked related to the topic. In essence you yourself can learn a lot from the question that has been asked. 

Written by: Ankita Singh