eCHO Systems

Scientific Background

Hi, my name is Ankita Singh and I am a PhD student at Technical University of Denmark, DTU in Denmark under the guidance of Assoc. Prof Mikael R. Andersen and Senior Researcher Helene F. Kildegaard.

Prior to joining the PhD at DTU I was working as a Junior Research Fellow (JRF) in Advance Center for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) in collaboration with Tata Memorial Center (TMC) one of the biggest cancer hospital for cancer treatment in India.

Ankita Singh, DTU

Why have you chosen to do a PhD in an international collaboration project?

As a bioinformatician I see the emerging era of the CHO biology as one of the challenging and exciting opportunity to thrive into, as it is still filled up with many unexplored territories. For e.g. the complete understanding of the gene sets and their expression level is having an immense capability of changing the picture of the CHO biology from now i.e. it will definitely enable experimental biologist and industrialist in adding new dimension and value to their research. On the other hand it will also enable many researchers in understanding the CHO cells a typical case of the “quasispecies” to inspect through it.

My lab and the PhD-project I am doing

At present my research interest is lying in further digging and zooming out the picture of the genome and transcriptome in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines so the same can be seen in my research title i.e. “Genome and Transcriptome analysis of the Chinese Hamster Ovary cell lines”. Presently I am working on Transcriptome analysis of various CHO cell lines such as DG44, CHOK1 and CHOS to understand the difference in the expression level of diverse gene sets identified in the distinct cell lines and to find out the basic reasoning of their differences behind them. Further I am also interested in exploring the genomic landscape of varied CHO cell lines with the help of variant analysis and copy number analysis to add extra layer of credibility on the top of expression analysis.