eCHO Systems

eCHO Project
Ricardo Valdes-Bango Curell is pursuing his PhD as part of the eCHO Systems network and is looking at ways to use endogenous small RNA as a means of controlling the expression of various transgenes in a temporal manner.

About the Lab
MicroRNAs as tools to modify cellular behaviour – My lab has a particular interest not only in the use of miRNAs as genetic tools to improve Biopharmaceutical production but also in studying the manner in which these critical regulatory molecules function within cells. Recently this has involved the implementation of the bacterial CRISPR/Cas9 DNA targeting system.

Research interest

Engineering CHO cells for Biopharmaceutical Production – Profiling of miRNA, mRNA and protein expression and subsequent analysis and integration of these large datasets with a view to identifying engineering targets to improve CHO cell phenotypes relevant to the Biopharmaceutical industry. Developing advanced recombinant DNA engineering strategies for improved phenotypic stability and selection of producer lines. This includes methods for targeted genome modification (using viruses) and directed evolution.

Dr. Niall Barron