Being Someone's Supervisor (Valerie)​

Until this point, I experienced my education more or less like a one-way street, whereby professors, postdocs and higher trained students were teaching me science. But this is no longer true for my PhD. Now it’s about being supervised by someone and being someone’s... Read more

Mid-Term Review (Linas & Ly)

On February 14th 2017 the UCB facilities at Brussels hosted the eCHO-Systems Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN), for discussing and submitting the mid-term review, along with ... Read more

Teaching Mammalian Cell Factories at DTU (Thomas)

After a little Danish Easter vacation I had the second year in a row the possibility to give the lecture “Mammalian Cell Factories” to around 60 Biotechnology Bachelor students at DTU. The half-day lecture summed up many topics about mammalian cells and how these factories differ from... Read more

eCHO Systems

An EMBO conference: An experience to remember (Heena)

EMBL, the Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences, hosted a conference on Chromatin and Epigenetics in its headquarters at Heidelberg from 3rd to 6th May this year. The conference was dedicated to Alan Wolffe who is renowned as a pioneer for establishing the idea that chromosomal organization of genes is a dynamic phenomenon that ... Read more

Teaching Experience (Ricardo)​

The PhD is a transition point for most students that want to pursue a career in academia or in industry. You get there having been “the student” all your life and you find yourself very fast being responsible of your own project. In addition, most PhD students have to... Read more

How to Learn by Teaching (Ankita)

It was very interesting and new experience for me to teach in the course introducing R- programming language to master's student at DTU, Denmark. It has allowed me to learn a lot and have fun during that time span... Read more

 eCHO at the 25th ESACT in Lausanne: The Olympic spirit and beyond (Nicolas & Cyrielle)

The 25th European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT) meeting was taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from the 14th to the 17th of May. This major conference with a special focus on CHO cells was attended by almost all eCHO PIs and six ESRs and gave us the ... Read more