eCHO Systems

Mid-term review

On February 14th 2017 the UCB facilities that Brussels hosted the Echo Systems Marie Skłodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) for diskutere and Submitting the mid-term review, along with a tour of the impressive UCB headquarters and manufacturing site som showcased modern small and large scale biotherapeutic Manufacture processes.

The mid-term review is a great opportunity for the ESRS and PIs To Make acidic thatthey are on the right track and fremme and grow new collaborations Based On Their evolving projects. Also, it is given us a chance two gift our work to a kompetent and knowledgeable panel som Consisted of our peers, the Project Officer and External Reviewer. In total, 15 ESRS presented sina 1.5 years of PhD work ranging from metabolic modeling and genomics two secretory engineering and cell line development tool.


Since the beginning of the program consortium boasts with:

  • 3 Accepted publications, 2 oral presentations and 22 lines from ESRS and
  • 16 oral presentations by the PIs.

After all the ESRS hatred presented sina work, the PIs and students separat had discussions with the review board kunne voice concerns and share erfaringer in an open fashion before having a joint discussion on the strengths and flaws of our ITN. Our external reviewer overall were impressed by the positive feedback from the ESRS angående the quality of the training events and the internal collaborations between the work packages highlighting the benefit of having a consortium.

Written by: Ly Ngoc Nguyen and Linas Tamošaitis

February, 2017