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13th PEACe - Protein expression in animal cells conference

The 13th conference on Protein Expression in Animal Cells (13th PEACe) was taking place in Valencia, Spain from September 24-28, 2017. The goal of the 13th PEACe conference was to continue the tradition of bringing together scientists from academia and industry to share knowledge in the field of recombinant protein expression.  3 PIs and 5 ESRs of eCHO participated in this conference. Mark Smales and Helene Faustrup Kildegaard were amongst the conference organizing committee.

The conference opened on Sunday with a talk giving advices and tips for an effective presentation which reminded us of our training about giving presentation during our training session at the BOKU University. This was followed by a presentation of the city of Valencia, its history and remarkable facts. It was a refreshing start for an intense and interesting conference.

The Monday morning was dedicated to talks centered on cell engineering where Nicolas Marx (ESR 8) gave an interesting talk on “CRISPR-based targeted epigenetic editing in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells”. The morning session ended up with the keynote speaker, Scott Estes, who gave us the opportunity to learn more about exosomes and their potential for therapeutic uses. The afternoon session was dedicated to protein engineering topic. Another ESR, Davide Vito (ESR 14), had the great opportunity to present his work during a talk about “Translational Engineering Through The Non-Coding Genome in CHO: A transfer RNA and Long Non-Coding RNA Perspective”. The day finished with a poster session where the different ESRs could present their work through their posters. The two poster session of the conference (for a total time of 3 hours!) provided most valuable networking. We all had a chance to present our work, allowing for in-depth discussions and getting interesting feedback from other researchers.





The Tuesday morning was dedicated to an expression system session and an industrial workshop. The afternoon was dedicated to an enjoyable Valencia tour by bus or bike. This gave us the opportunity to exchange with many people in an environment more relaxed. It was a great opportunity to share ideas and meet new people. An excellent paella by the sea for dinner helped us to close this day and digest those 2 first day of exciting science.





The third day opened with a session on difficult-to-express proteins where we could hear about the creative ways people are imagining to deal with this common problem encountered. The last talk of the morning session was given by Nicole Borth, eCHO PI, on “CHO in times of 'omics or 'There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge'” where she discussed her latest work and opinions about the omics data generated on CHO cells. The day ended up with the gala dinner where the ESRs wore their best outfits to show that they not only master their scientific domains but also the dancefloor.

The last day was focusing around innovation via prediction and vaccines and vaccine production where the last advances and hot topics about modelling pathways and news ways of vaccine production were discussed.








This 13th PEACe edition was a great opportunity for all the ESRs to present and discuss about their work and broaden their knowledge on the hot topics in protein production field. We are already excited for the next edition!


Your eCHO ESRs

written by: Ly and Theo